Shipping policy

We are in the Slagberga strive to deliver an excellent experience to all of our customers. As a customer, you are able to either opt for delivery to a Record representation, or a home Delivery service direct to your door. Here you can read more about how the shipping options work.
We always have free shipping for orders over 600 € for orders below 600 usd are subject to a charge for 89£.

The Supply In The Daytime
When you choose the home Delivery service will get your package delivered to your doorstep within 1 to 4 on weekdays, and you don't have to be at home to sign for the package. It doesn't matter where you live in Sweden, we will deliver right to your front door. It is also possible, if you live in an area that is rural carriers, however, this will take 1-2 days for the shipment to arrive. If you live in the apartment, we carry the top of the package and put it outside your apartment door.

The access code
If you have the access code you will need to provide in connection with your order, we will deliver the package to you, well, the option of room, with access code" in the checkout, enter your access code where it says ”Enter access code”. Make sure that your name is available to the outside, or the inside of the door and on your front door, so that the driver can see it and find the center.

Entry or Kodbricka
In this case, you will have the door phone call to the driver once and then you'll need to be able to open the door. You select the Room with the door phone or the kodbricka" at checkout under "Instructions to get you up," type of items. "Give me a call at xxx's phone number, so can I". You will need to fill in a phone number or short instructions in the box (even on the ex. your phone number you should call is the same as your phone number). Do you have a blocked port (eg. to kodbricka is required) and there is no entry code or entry system, you won't opt for the home delivery without the receipt (if you are not at home most of the days, and can be opened to the driver). In this case, select “AGENT” and have the package delivered to the nearest Post representative, or to the "Delivery Night".
ATTENTION! State is not the address of a post office box because we are not able to deliver the package to an address. If the driver is not able to deliver the package to you, it will be returned to our warehouse, we will contact you and try to find what's wrong in order to then deliver the package again.

Home Delivery In The Evening
When you choose to Pick in the Evening you will get your package delivered to your doorstep within 1-4 working days of receipt. This option is only possible for selected zip codes in the majority of cities in Sweden. When the courier company calls you before delivery, this is a great option for those of you with kodbricka, or the hassle of access codes, etc

For the purpose of representation
If you choose to receive your package, a representative will come to your local Post agent. You will receive a text message when the parcel arrived at the agent, and then you can pick up your package on presentation of a valid id.
Important to note: Unclaimed packages will be charged with 200 sek