Tallow products

During the winter, all birds need extra supplement of sebum and carbohydrates to keep warm. Most of their days is spent on providing food to cope with cold evenings and nights. Tallow, nuts and carbohydrates provide maximum energy and the birds thrives on this.

If you want a great number of different birds in your garden make sure you have sebum products with a high content of sebum, seeds and nuts and preferably feed all year round to always have something fun to look at.

Slagberga Gård has high tallow content in its tallow balls and tallow products, ranging from 20% and up to 60% in some products such as coconuts. High tallow content allows the birds to easily eat these even in winters when the temperature can drop to minus 20 degrees, products with lower tallow content become hard and difficult to eat for our birds.

The more different kinds of seeds the products contain, the more different birds you get in your garden.

We tailor your tallow products!
For many years, we tailor the products to the customer's needs and wishes. This applies to both the content and distribution of the products as well as the size of the packaging. If you have any special requests, please contact us.

Talgbollar i hink

Tallow balls in bucket

Talgbollar 6-pack från Slagberga

Tallow balls in net

Talgkorv från Slagberga Gård

Tallow sausage

Halv kokosnöt från Slagberga Gård

Half coconut

Hel kokosnöt från Slagberga

Whole coconut