Peanuts are probably the most prized food of our wild birds. Peanuts are a real source of energy that contains proteins, calories but also minerals such as calcium, zinc and selenium. Everything that is needed to cope with cold winters if you have peanuts in your bird feeder you can count on visits from woodpeckers, gray sparrows, greenfinches and blue tits.

We tailor your beef products!
For many years, we tailor the products to the customer's needs and wishes. This applies to both the content and distribution of the products as well as the size of the packaging. If you have any special requests, please contact us.

Jordnötter i hink från Slagberga Gård

Peanuts in bucket

Jordnötter i nät från Slagberga Gård

Peanuts in net

Jordnötspellets från Slagberga Gård

Peanut pellets