We like to see feathered friends get quality products!

We like to see feathered friends get quality products!

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Slagberga Gård

Slagberga Gård has more than 20 years of experience working directly with producers of seeds and sebum products from, among others, Bulgaria, Poland and Ukraine with our own staff on site. This guarantees safe deliveries at good prices and a quality that we are proud of.

Our goal is that you as our customer should always feel the security of having contact with a Swedish company with its own staff on site who can deal with the problem if something goes wrong or if you have questions.

We work with both our own brand "Slagberga Gård" and the customers' own.

During the season, we normally have a small support warehouse with our own brand in stock in Sweden in order to be able to handle requests for quick deliveries.

We are looking forward to a great and long-term cooperation!

Välkommen till Slagberga Gård

The advantage of working with an independent supplier like Slagberga Gård is that we have always the opportunity to choose the right product, at the right price, from the right manufacturer. There is no single manufacturer that is good at everything.