Our Products

Our products are hand picked from farmers all over europe. We always work hard for our products to satisfy the need of our costumer who cares that little extra.

Fat Ball

A nutritious blend of suet and seeds, these wild bird Fat Balls provide high levels of energy for wild birds to see them through difficult or challenging times.

They are suitable for feeding all year round.

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Seed and Suet Cookie

The Seed and Suet Cookie is a combination of wild bird seeds and suet pieces for that extra energy source for the birds in your garden.

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Bird Seed Mixes

As the birds start to populate your feeding area, notice the different ways they approach their meal as well as what they feed on. Some will visit both feeders taking their time to feed, chasing off any birds trying to join them. Others will only take to one feeder, eating peanuts but not the seeds and vice versa. Others will dash in, steal a single seed and disappear just as fast as they arrive. Others still, will never visit the feeders but instead, hop around under them picking up any scraps and spillage from above.

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Sunflower seeds

This is our line of Pure Sunflower seeds

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